“Immigrant Song”: John Paul Jones’ Isolated Bass (and Drums)

Editor’s note: We’re kicking off a brand new isolated bass week today – our third. This is going to be fun. Be sure to check out the Isolated Bass Week archives too.

Here’s a great isolated bass track to kick off our third Isolated Bass Week, featuring the combo of John Paul Jones on his Fender Precision bass and John Bonham on drums. The tune is Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song”, from Led Zeppelin III.

There’s a little guitar in the mix, but that didn’t bother us. Much.

What a duo!

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  1. Double that “oh yeah”!

  2. That’s a fake. It’s a ripoff backing track that usually comes with these “Play along with…” series books/CDs. You can completely tell. Great job covering but not the original tracks.

  3. Gracias, me encantó.

  4. Nick Belulis is a fake. People are always using his name to troll and dismiss things on the internet. Poser.

  5. I’ve always found those 16th-note runs in the chorus to be insanely difficult! Is JPJ playing this with a pick?

  6. It’s a crime to pass this off as LZ and posting a photo to boot…it sounds electronically programed. I guess it drove traffic to their website but who would ever come back? I hope they are asshamed!

  7. No I’m pretty sure this track comes from this play-along….


    If you look at this video on youtube, there is a link to it under the video. Still an impressive reproduction.

    “The recordings on the CDs have been made using authentic instruments, amps and recording techniques of the time the songs were originally cut.”

  8. This isn’t Led Zeppelin. Do yr research!

  9. Seriously? Anyone that has listened to Zep as a fan, especially a musician will recognize immediately this is not Zep.. I’m disappointed No Treble didn’t recognize this.

  10. Jaye

    I agree with Nick ~ rip

  11. Dave Palan

    Um no. This is not a recording of Bonham and JPJ. I came to hear an isolated recording of JPJ’s 16th note runs. Whoever recorded this didn’t even attempt them.

    • LJ

      Extremely disappointed…How could you pass this off as a Led Zeppelin rhythm track? I question the validity of the site just based alone on this post… Don’t just throw stuff up without question. Remove this to save face

  12. Ben Tufts

    This is not the original. This is someone else playing the parts.

  13. Jeff Furnald

    All I hear is a “Not John Bonham” drum track…