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AC Guitars Introduces Über Spec Basses

AC Guitars Über Spec Bass closeupAC Guitars has a new line of basses dubbed the Über Spec Series – a line defined by select woods and the company’s new MC Series pickups.

Built as a collaboration between Aaron Armstrong, John East, and AC Guitars’ Alan Cringean, the MC Series are Multi-Coil Pickups with two coils per string. On a 4-string pickup, there are eight poles with two for each string that are wired in series, essentially creating a dual coil humbucker for each string.

“The individual outputs from each string feed an ACG IB1 interface board, which mixes them electronically,” Cringean write. “The multiple coils and electronic mixing reduces the interaction between the strings coil signals, since there is no cross-feeding between string signals as with traditional pickups, where the same magnet systems and coils are used for all strings.”

AC Guitars Über Spec Bass pickupThere are also two versions of the IB1 interface board: the IB1f that features a “flat” response, and the IB1r that has interactive pickup resonance in the upper presence region. The pickups are then matched with a ACG EQ03 5K Dual Filter preamp. Other features of the series includes multiple veneer accents and multi-laminate necks.

The Über Spec is available as an upgrade to AC Guitars’ existing models. For more info, check out the AC Guitars website.

AC Guitars Über Spec Bass Series Details:

  • Upgrade to Body, Top, Neck Woods
  • Multiple Veneer Accents
  • Multi-laminate Necks
  • ACG’s MC Series Pickups
  • ACG EQ03 5K Dual Filter preamp
  • Hipshot Hardware