YOSHA: Fire Rhythm

Bassist Karel Honasan sent us this video of his band YOSHA performing their original tune, “Fire Rhythm”.

The video comes from a web show named “Tower Sessions”, after the band was invited to do a few live performances by Tower of Doom.

This is one tight band, and Karel is a huge part of that. He’s playing an F-Bass BN4 short scale in this video.


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  1. whoa! that was a surprise. wasn’t expecting that much groove. drummer is kickin’ it too! singer has a fantastic voice. great job!

  2. Proud pinoy. galing talaga ni sir karel !!


  3. awesome across the board!

  4. There was some playing going on in that place!!!! Fantastic!

  5. woot! :-D mabuhay kayo mga kapatid. awesome! :)

  6. Awesome!
    Lupet ng Yosha! :)

  7. musical sophistication! mabuhay! :)

  8. BAMBOO,..DREAMTheater progressive band….wow…

  9. Elbert

    yes!!!pinoy pride…

  10. I’m speechless……..there’s tight and then there’s this : )