In Memoriam: Keith “Sabu” Crier

GQ Band Promo PhotoKeith “Sabu” Crier, who founded the disco group GQ, has passed away of undisclosed causes. He was 58.

Crier formed his first band in 1968 under name Sabu & the Survivors, which then became The Rhythm Makers in the 1970s. The band released a single album called Soul on Your Side in 1976, which landed the group the hit track “Zone.” After their popularity struck, the band changed its name to GQ.

Their largest hit came in 1979. “Disco Nights (Rock-Freak)” reached #1 for two weeks on the R&B Singles chart and sold over a million copies.

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Sabu.

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  1. I used to listen them at disco radio station when I was a teen: memoral track… RIP.

  2. GQ was a very talented band. didn’t realize it that much then. but looking and listening back, especially in light of today’s uncreative pop music, their music is ear candy. and then to watch them play their songs live, you can then see that they were more than just a popular act of the day. they were true musicians. artists, even. i’d put “sabu” in bass players hall of fame for sure!