3Leaf Audio Announces You’re Doom Fuzz Pedal

3Leaf Audio You're Doom Fuzz Pedal3Leaf Audio has introduced a new fuzz box called You’re Doom, which the company says is suited for all instruments. The pedal responds to playing dynamics to create vintage synth-inspired sounds.

You’re Doom has a Shape switch to toggle between a lead sound and a broad mid scoop, while further tonal shaping can be done with the Tone knob which acts like a synthesizer’s cutoff control to alter high frequencies.

Other features include a mix control, a hot-rolled steel housing, and a soft-touch relay true bypass system.

The 3Leaf Audio You’re Doom will be shipping in November with a street price of $219. For more info, check out the 3Leaf Audio website.

3Leaf Audio You’re Doom Fuzz Pedal Demo:

3Leaf Audio You’re Doom Fuzz Pedal Details:

  • Dynamic Fuzz Pedal
  • Full Frequency Range Output
  • Controls: Volume, Mix, Gain, Tone, Shape Switch
  • Soft-Touch Relay True Bypass
  • Power: 9V DC center-negative power supply (sold separately)

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