Founding UFO Bassist Pete Way Diagnosed With Cancer

Pete WayWe have sad news to report as founding UFO bassist Pete Way has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Way, who departed the English heavy metal band in 2009 due to medical issues, found out this summer while having his abdomen scanned for his liver.

“My liver has been the area of most concern over the years,” Way told Classic Rock Magazine. “But they did a scan of that whole area around my abdomen and that’s when they found it.”

The news comes as Way has been wrapping up his new solo album, Walking on the Edge, now pushed to release early next year.

Luckily, Way’s prognosis is good and he will begin radiotherapy sessions to combat the illness.

“I’m lucky,” he said. “This is prostate cancer. It’s not lung cancer. It’s not pancreatic cancer. If you’re going to get cancer, this is the best one you can have – and they caught it early… I was upset at first. It made me depressed. But I’m determined to carry on, to beat it, to get my album out and tour.”

We’re wishing a speedy recovery to Pete.

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