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Roger Waters Working on First Rock Album In 20 Years

Roger Waters

After staging 219 performances of “The Wall” over the last three years, Roger Waters has revealed that he’s getting back to writing. The former Pink Floyd bassist is hard at work on a new record that will prove to be his first rock album in over two decades. Similar to the iconic production he’s been touring, the new effort is a concept album.

“I finished a demo of it last night,” Waters told Rolling Stone. “It’s 55 minutes long. It’s songs and theater as well. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s couched as a radio play. It has characters who speak to each other, and it’s a quest. It’s about an old man and a young child trying to figure out why they are killing the children.”

The release will be his first new album of rock material since 1992’s Amused To Death. His albums in between have been live releases as well as a three act opera.

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