Bass of the Week: Becker/Martian Basses Mantis 4-String

Martian Basses Mantis Cherry Alder Bass - bodyMy Facebook friend Dusty Mulholland shared a picture of a Becker/Martian Bass a couple weeks ago, and I’m glad he did. It led me to find this fine specimen of a bass, known as the Mantis – a bass with a body shape that you might expect from an other-worldly bass company.

While they can be made to order, this particular Mantis is a four-stringer made from alder and finished in a gorgeous cherry stain. It has a ziricote fingerboard with a matching bridge, pickup cover and controls. The pickup itself is an active Bartolini.

Martian Basses are built in the US by Ryan Martin of the Becker Guitars team. For more info, check out the Becker Guitars website.

Martian Basses Mantis Photos:

Martian Basses Mantis Specs:

  • Strings: 4
  • Body Wood: Alder
  • Fretboard: Ziricote
  • Bridge: Ziricote, Strings-thru-Body
  • Knobs: Ziricote
  • Pickup: Active Bartolini
  • Pickup Cover: Ziricote
  • Finish: Cherry

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  1. nice to see something different from all the usual clone basses. looks sweet and comfy. would like to try it out for sound

  2. While I’m sure it’s cool and pretty innovative, just give me either a Jazz bass or a Musicman Stingray.

  3. Beauty! What’s the price?