Dean Markley Introduces Signature Series Bass Strings

Dean Markley Signature Series Bass StringsDean Markley has announced the Signature Series bass strings, available in 4- and 5-string sets. The strings feature a nickel plated steel that’s slowly wound over a hex core. This provides complete contact between the wrap wire and core, which the company says results in a maximum transfer of tone and sustain.

The wrap wire is electroplated with pure nickel for a softer surface, balance, and oxidation resistance. The strings also have a unique core-to-wrap ratio that facilitates bending while maintaining proper tension and tuning.

The Dean Markley Signature Series Strings for bass guitar are available with street prices of $14.99 for the four-string set and $18.99 for the five-string set. For more info, check out the Dean Markley website.

Dean Markley Signature Series Bass Strings Details:

  • Available in 4- and 5-string sets
  • Nickel Plated Steel
  • Hex Core
  • MED, ML, LT, and XL Gauges

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