Nathan Vonnahme Releases Teüna Chromatic Tuner App

Teüna Chromatic Tuner AppNathan Vonnahme has released Teüna, a chromatic tuner app for iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch. The app draws on historical aesthetic for its design.

“I started looking at these pocket watches from the 17th century, and I realized, these were the iPhone of their day,” Vonnahme explains. “This was the object that every gentleman and many ladies would whip out of their pockets as often as possible. And they are still beautiful, but in a very different way than most of our modern objects, just like classical music is still beautiful in a different way from modern music. So I’m trying to find a way into the future by looking to the past.”

Teüna allows for adjusting Concert A from 220-880 Hz. It works on all instruments and frequencies but pays special attention to low frequencies in the bass register. The app is available now for $3.99 from the App Store.

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