Musicvox Announces Limited Edition 12-String MI-5 Bass

Musicvox has introduced a new limited edition 12-string version of their MI-5 bass. The Limited Edition 2014 MI-5 bass features four triple courses for a familiar tuning with more strings.

Musicvox Limited Edition 2014 MI-5 12-String Bass

It’s built with neck-through construction with a mahogany body and maple neck topped with a rosewood fingerboard. The body and headstock are triple bound while the neck is reinforced with twin double truss rods for extra stability. Its electronics include an active/passive preamp with a 3-band EQ. The bass also has dual output jacks. Hardware includes a specially designed cast and machine 12-string fully adjustable bridge and tail piece.

The Musicvox Limited Edition 2014 MI-5 12-String Bass is available for preorder directly from the company for $1,499. It’s expected to ship in late December. For more info, check out the Musicvox website.

Musicvox Limited Edition 2014 MI-5 12-String Bass Details:

  • Construction: Neck-Through
  • Body: Mahogany
  • Neck: Maple
  • Scale: 34″
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Inlays: Block Pearloid
  • Truss Rod: Twin Double Truss Rods
  • Electronics: Active/Passive, 3-band
  • Dual Output Jacks
  • Musicvox Special 12 Bass Active/Passive Pickups

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  1. awww snap..just bought a Hamer 12…this looks pretty sweet. I guess I know what my bonus next year is buying.