Best of 2013: The Top 10 Reader Favorite Albums of the Year

Editor’s Note: For the last week of year, we’re sharing the best of No Treble for 2013, based on readership. Be sure to check back each day until January 1st for the most popular features, lessons, videos, bassists and more.

Our last Best of 2013 list focuses on the most popular albums we covered this year. I’m pretty sure it is safe to say there’s something for everyone here, given the incredible diversity of these albums, musicians and genres.

Daft Punk Releases “Random Access Memories”

1. Daft Punk: Random Access Memories (Nathan East, Charles Berghofer, Don Ferrone, Drew Dembowski and James Genus)

Electronica duo Daft Punk have taken a turn towards humanity with their latest album, Random Access Memories, which almost exclusively uses live instrumentation. The 13-track effort brings together a spectacular cast of guest musicians…

Dream Theater Releases New Album and Announces Tour Dates

2. Dream Theater: Dream Theater (John Myung)

Dream Theater has released their twelfth album, Dream Theater. Not only is this the band’s first self-titled release, it is also the first to fully feature the band’s newest drummer, Mike Mangini. Dream Theater’s longest tenured members, bassist John Myung and guitarist John Petrucci are also joined by vocalist James LaBrie and keyboardist Jordan Rudess…

Primus Reissues “Sailing the Seas of Cheese”

3. Primus: Sailing the Seas of Cheese Reissue (Les Claypool)

Nearly 22 years to the day, Primus’ second studio album, Sailing the Seas of Cheese was reissued. Bassist Les Claypool oversaw the restoration project, which has been remixed for the new release. “Musically, it holds up incredibly well. Sonically, it holds up fairly well,” Claypool said about the original album…

Hiromi Releases “Move”, Featuring Anthony Jackson

4. Hiromi: Move (Anthony Jackson)

It was during the recording sessions for Hiromi’s 2011 album Voice that the pianist teamed up with bassist Anthony Jackson and drummer Simon Phillips. Hiromi and Jackson had worked together before, but this was the first time the trio performed together. Move finds the trio reaching new heights thanks to the chemistry they developed…

Chick Corea Releases “The Vigil”, Featuring Hadrien Feraud and Stanley Clarke

5. Chick Corea: The Vigil (Hadrien Feraud and Stanley Clarke)

After releasing four collaborative albums last year, legendary keyboardist Chick Corea has gotten back to creating his own songs with The Vigil. The effort includes a brand new band filled out by saxophonist Tim Garland, guitarist Charles Altura, drummer Marcus Gilmore and bassist Hadrien Feraud. Stanley Clarke makes a guest appearance…

Portnoy Sheehan MacAlpine Sherinian Release â??Live in Tokyoâ?

6. Portnoy Sheehan MacAlpine Sherinian: Live in Tokyo (Billy Sheehan)

The supergroup known as Portnoy Sheehan MacAlpine Sherinian has released Live in Tokyo. The multi-format release showcases bassist Billy Sheehan, drummer Mike Portnoy, guitarist Tony MacAlpine and keyboardist Derek Sherinian performing live at Zepp Tokyo on November 14, 2012…

Eric Clapton Releases “Old Sock”, Featuring Willie Weeks and Paul McCartney

7. Eric Clapton: Old Sock (Willie Weeks and Paul McCartney)

For his 20th studio album – and first in three years – Eric Clapton decided to change things up a bit. The 67 year old guitarist switched labels, choosing his own Bushbranch imprint through the indie SurfDog label, and recorded an album with his longtime collaborators and friends, including Willie Weeks and Paul McCartney…

Yellowjackets Release “A Rise In The Road” with Felix Pastorius

8. Yellowjackets: A Rise In The Road (Felix Pastorius)

One thing a band with the Yellowjackets’ longevity is likely to experience is change. Back in January 2012, the band announced that Jimmy Haslip was taking a break from the band, and would be temporarily replaced by Felix Pastorius. In the end, that change became permanent and the new album was recorded with this new line up…

Kyle Eastwood Releases “The View From Here”

9. Kyle Eastwood: The View From Here

Kyle Eastwood has released his sixth album as a band leader, entitled The View From Here. The effort comes 15 years after his solo debut, From There To Here, and serves as a sonic representation of his experiences and perspectives…

Gary Willis Releases “Retro”

10. Gary Willis: Retro

Gary Willis teamed up with drummer Gergo Borlai and pianist Albert Bover for his fifth solo effort, Retro. Described as an “electric piano” trio, the approach to the album was simpler, in terms of production and instrumentation…

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