Best of 2013: The Top 10 Reader Favorite Basses

Editor’s Note: For the last week of year, we’re sharing the best of No Treble for 2013, based on readership. Be sure to check back each day until January 1st for the most popular features, lessons, videos, bassists and more.

Our gear coverage included about 100 stories on new basses introduced this year. When we pulled the top 10 most read, we were a little surprised (we even triple checked the data).

Fender took the top six slots in the most read category, and if you add in Squier, they made up 70% of this list.

Love them or not, there’s one thing for sure: people seem to want to read about all the new Fender basses coming out!

(By the way, I still want to get my hands on that Blast Cult one to try out.)

Fender Announces Modern Player 2.0 Basses

1. Fender Modern Player 2.0 Basses

Fender has upgraded its Modern Player series of instruments including updates to the Jazz Basses in the line and the introduction of a new model called the Dimension Bass. The new instruments keep in step with the rest of the series, which offers unique designs at entry-level pricing…

Fender Unveils Deluxe and American Deluxe Dimension Bass Models

2. Fender Deluxe and American Deluxe Dimension Bass Models

After introducing the Dimension Bass as part of their Modern Player Series, Fender has revealed that the bass is now available as part of their Deluxe and American Deluxe instrument lines…

Fender Custom Shop Unveils 2013 Custom Collection Basses

3. Fender Custom Shop 2013 Custom Collection Basses

Fender Custom Shop has introduced their 2013 Custom Collection, including the 2013 Closet Classic Precision Bass Pro and the 1951 Relic Precision Bass. As with all of the line, the basses are built by Fender’s craftsmen in their Corona, California Custom Shop…

Fender Unveils Cabronita Precision Bass

4. Fender Cabronita Precision Bass

Fender has announced the Cabronita Precision bass, a take on their original bass model with a flair from their Cabronita series. The bass sports an alder body that comes in 2-color sunburst, black, or Candy Apple Red…

Fender Unveils Pawn Shop Bass VI and Mustang Bass Models

5. Fender Pawn Shop Bass VI and Mustang Bass Models

Fender has announced four new models in the company’s eccentric Pawn Shop series, one they describe as “guitars that never were but should have been.” The new lineup includes two basses: The Pawn Shop Bass VI and the Pawn Shop Mustang Bass…

Fender Introduces Four New American Vintage Basses

6. Fender’s Four New American Vintage Basses

Fender has expanded its American Vintage series with four new basses including the ’58 Precision Bass, the ’63 Precision Bass, the ’64 Jazz Bass and the ’74 Jazz Bass. As with the rest of the line, the new basses are reimagined to bring new life to the original designs…

Aria Guitars To Unveil Cliff Burton Signature Bass at NAMM

7. Aria Guitars Cliff Burton Signature Bass

Aria Guitars has announced they’ll be launching the Aria Pro II Cliff Burton Signature Bass at NAMM this week. A year in the making, the bass is a replica of the Black ’n Gold I bass Burton played. The bass made with the authorization of the late bassist’s family and bandmates in Metallica…

Blast Cult Enters the Electric Bass Market with the Thirty 2 Bass

8. Blast Cult Thirty 2 Bass

Blast Cult announced a new electric bass model late last year, but the details were still being worked out, into 2013. Now we know a whole lot more. The aptly named “Thirty 2? is a 32″ scale bass, and the first electric made by the company…

Bastard Basses Announces Little Bastard Bass

9. Bastard Basses Little Bastard Bass

Bastard Basses has launched with an innovative prototype called the Little Bastard. Born out of a final exam project for designer Szabolcs Sinka’s Master’s in Product Design, the prototype bass is based around a 32-inch to 30-inch multi-scale neck…

Squier Adds New Precision Bass Models to Vintage Modified Series

10. Squier’s New Vintage Modified Series Precision Bass Models

Rounding out the summer’s new models for Squiers Vintage Modified Series are a trio of P-basses: The Vintage Modified Precision Bass V, Precision Bass Fretless, and Precision Bass PJ. Similar to the rest of the series, the new basses are designed to add new twists to familiar designs…

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  1. you would nearly think fender basses were popular???? ;)

  2. You would also think there was something new or innovative about them. I love my J and my P, but c’mon man.