Gibson Announces 2014 SG Special Bass

This year marks Gibson’s 120th anniversary and they’re celebrating with a plethora of new and upgraded models including the 2014 SG Special Bass. The 30-inch scale bass incorporates features from several of Gibson’s electric basses to create a unique and affordable bass.

Gibson Announces 2014 SG Special Bass body

Starting with a solid mahogany body in the classic SG shape, the bass is built with a glued-in mahogany neck topped with a rosewood fingerboard. Its dot inlays are complemented with a special 120th Anniversary inlay at the 12th fret.

The SG Special has a T-Bird Plus pickup in the neck position with a T-Bird mini pickup in the bridge position. Controls are configured with separate volumes and a master tone knob. Hardware includes a T-Bird three-point bridge and Grover Shamrock tuners. It comes in Cherry Stain Satin, Fireburst Satin, and Chocolate Satin finishes.

The 2014 SG Special Bass comes in a vintage Gibson hardshell case. It will be available soon with a street price of $699.

Gibson 2014 SG Special Bass Specs:

Pickups:T-Bird Plus pickup at neck, T-Bird Mini pickup at bridge
Bridge:T-Bird 3-point
Tuners:Grover Shamrock
Finishes:Cherry Stain Satin, Fireburst Satin and Chocolate Satin

For more information:

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  1. Wow! Finally Gibson realizes that their stuff is overpriced! Excellent!

  2. It would look a lot better with the smaller tunning knobs

  3. This is a great bargain. The chocolate satin is smoking. They come with hardshell cases too. I’d like to find out how they sound.

    • guitar53

      Not as much drive as the early 60’s models, but still a distinctive Gibson EB3 sound (and no

      • Gregg

        Yeah I played one at GC. Wasn’t impressed. I was surprised at how light weight it is too. I prefer more heft. I hate to say it but it felt cheap.

  4. If only it were a 34″ scale.

    • James Malthaner

      Epiphone sells the long scale

    • spidelman

      Don’t knock the short-scale! A few benefits from shorter scale: easier to play; so you have a heavier gauge and it doesn’t take a lot of strength to play, more percussive and less sustain; which is good for old school rock/r&b, and weighs less. It’s not for everything, but it’s a cool thing!

  5. damn, yet another bass to add to the list.

  6. I’m definitely going to check this out. I loved the feel of the Epi EBO but couldn’t get past the three point bridge being mounted off center. After receiving two Gibson USA Midtowns with the same condition and returning, my only concern with this will be trying in person before buying. If quality control is on point this will be a killer Gibson USA bass to have and for super cheap!

  7. My only problem is no selector switches on their Gibson basses…

  8. William

    Looks like that neck pu might get in the way of the string popping finger. Also, 32″ scale is a nonstarter for me.

  9. Great price, i might have to pick one up

  10. guitar53

    I got one… It’s a joy to play. Not quite the sound of the 60’s models with the varitone, but still a great sound.