Fuzzrocious Pedals Introduces There Is No Dana… Only ZUUL Pedal

Fuzzrocious There Is No Dana... Only ZUUL PedalFuzzrocious Pedals has unleashed a new pedal called “There is No Dana… Only ZUUL.” Named after a line in the movie Ghostbusters, the pedal is an oscillator that is semi-clean blended and driven into an overdrive.

It has three controls: Volume, Blend and Oscillator. Turned to the left, the Blend knob mixes your signal in with the oscillator. Turning it to the right makes the oscillator take over to run the pedal strictly as an oscillator. The Oscillator control allows for sounds from a “clocky tremolo” to “synthy.”

Each pedal will be etched by Handsome Beard Etching and will feature a different etching for each run of ten boxes. The Fuzzrocious There is No Dana… Only ZUUL pedal is available now with a direct price of $210.

Fuzzrocious There Is No Dana… Only ZUUL Pedal Details:

Volume, Semi-Clean Blend, Oscillator Controls
True Bypass
“Boss”-Style Power (No Battery)
1590BB Enclosure
Etching by Handsome Beard Etching
Handbuilt in New Jersey

For more information:
Fuzzrocious Pedals

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