ESP Introduces LTD RB Series Design with Rocco Prestia

ESP LTD RB-1004BM Honey Natural Bass BodyESP has introduced the RB Series of basses to their LTD line. Designed over the course of a year with Tower of Power’s Rocco Prestia, the bass is built to offer tonal flexibility.

The RB comes in 4-, 5-, and 6-string versions in either Natural or Honey Natural finishes. Each bass is fitted with Aguilar PJ pickups and an Aguilar OBP-2 preamp with a 2-band EQ. The basses are built with a swamp ash body topped in either spalted or burled maple. The necks are five-piece laminates of maple and walnut while the maple fingerboards are adorned with pearloid oval inlays.

The ESP LTD RB Series basses are available with street prices ranging from $1,199 to $1,299.

ESP LTD RB Series Photos:

ESP LTD RB Series Specs:

Body:Swamp Ash
Top:Solid Burled Maple or Spalted Maple
Neck:5Pc Maple&Walnut
Fingerboard Radius:500mm
Finish:Natural for Spalted Maple, Honey Natural for Burled Maple
Nut Type:Molded
Neck Contour:C
Frets/Type:22 J
Hardware Color:Black Nickel
Strap Button:Standard
Bridge:Gotoh Bridge
Pickups:Aguilar P, Aguilar J (Hum Cancel)
Electronics:Aguilar OBP-2
Electronics Layout:Vol/Bal/OBP-2 2-Band EQ

For more information:

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  1. That price range though.

  2. Couldn’t fit the other two frets?

  3. Reversed “p” pickup! I wish more bass makers would get on to this.

  4. Got my RB1006 last week. Great bass. Straight out of the box, the fit and finish is 2nd to none, the intonation was near perfect (except the B, which is a touch sharp at the 12th), the setup was a little low, but not too bad. Rehearsed Thursday with it and gigged Friday and Saturday nights. This is my 1st 6’er and surprisingly enough, it don’t feel like it has a 2.12 nut. Fits nicely in my hand. Great sounding bass. P pups growls well and the J pup snaps and bites very nice when I’m on the bridge. For $1300, you can’t beat it.

  5. Nice looking………but price?

  6. Rick

    My wife gave me the best gift ever, tickets to see tower of power at a dinner theatre in Seattle.It was the most amazing evening of my life and I met Rocco , shook his hand and told him what a huge influence he had on me with music.FuNks best kept secret!