Barefaced Bass Cabinets Unleashes Generation 3 Cabinets

Barefaced Generation 3 Big Baby IIEnglish bass amplification company Barefaced Audio has announced their new Generation 3 series of cabinets including revamps of their flagship Big Baby II and Big Twin II cabinets. Both models have been updated with new drivers, hardware and construction.

“The key is our new custom 12XN550 speaker driver, which has taken over two years to develop,” says designer Alex Claber. “We wanted great transient response (timing), polar response (dispersion) and dynamic response (from quiet to loud) rather than just thinking about frequency response from low to high.” Claber went on to explain the Generation 3- Big Series cabs feature an advanced crossover and a high frequency compression driver on a large waveguide.

The Big Twin II is fitted with two 12″ drivers and is recommended to handle amp power between 100 and 1,600 watts RMS. The Big Baby II is a 1×12″ design that can be used with amps from 150 to 800 watts RMS.

The Barefaced Generation 3 Big Baby II and Big Twin II are designed and made in England. They’re available for order now with prices starting at £699 (approx. $1,159 USD).

Barefaced Generation 3 Big Baby II Bass Cabinet Specs:

Dimensions:22″ high x 17.7″ wide x 14.6″ deep
Weight:26 lbs
Pistonic Sensitivity:97dB
Frequency Range:30Hz-20kHz
Recommended Amp Power:150-800W RMS
Impedance:8 Ohms

Barefaced Generation 3 Big Twin II Bass Cabinet Specs:

Dimensions:33.5″ high x 20.5″ wide x 14.6″ deep
Weight:46 lbs
Pistonic Sensitivity:100dB
Frequency Range:30Hz-20kHz
Recommended Amp Power:100-1600W RMS
Impedance:4 Ohms

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  1. Large power capacity, relatively low weight and I won’t need to sell off one of my kids to afford it. I need to investigate further….

  2. Andy Whitfield

    Correction, Barefaced only make speaker cabs, they aren`t an amplifier company. Yet, anyway!
    Their speaker cabs are incredible though, you need to try some. I have two of the Generation 2 Compacts and they`re extremely light (I can easily carry one in each hand) and incredibly loud. They contain 15″ drivers and are rated at 450w. I`m driving them with an Ampeg Portaflex 800, a combination which makes a righteous racket!
    They are capable of being driven hard and still maintain earth shaking bass, I`ve never heard speakers like them! I`ve had the rig for a year now and am very pleased with it, can`t recommend Barefaced cabs enough!
    To quote a guy who heard me use both cabs for the first time, `What the hell are those things, it felt like I was being kicked in the chest with every note!`
    They aren`t available through any dealership and are made to order, so there`s a waiting list….but I guarantee you won`t be disappointed!