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Höfner Renames “Beatle Bass” Reissue Line of Basses

Höfner Beatle Bass Reissue BassesHöfner has announced that their line of 500/1 Violin “Beatle Basses” are getting new names to more accurately represent their time. The construction and fittings will remain unchanged.

“Due to the sequence that re-issue models were released in, more than 10 years ago, the [Paul] McCartney spec bass became the Vintage ’62 Re-issue despite the fact that his bass was built around August 1963,” the company wrote in a statement. “The models will no longer have a year to identify them, these are replaced by names more evocative of the actual time they represent.”

As such, the Vintage ’61 Re-issue is now called the 500/1 “Cavern”, which is inspired by the bass purchased by McCartney in Hamburg in 1961. The Vintage ’62 Re-issue follows suite and is now the 500/1 “Liverpool”, based on the bass built for McCartney around August 1963. Finally, Vintage ’64 Re-issue is now called the 500/1 Violin Bass and is the standard model.

The part numbers for all three basses will remain the same for this year in order to avoid confusion.

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