Bass of the Week: Helios Guitars Evolution 4 Custom

Helios Guitars Evolution 4 Custom Bass front

This week we check out the Evolution 4 Custom by Helios Guitars. Made in Italy, the bass is completely handcrafted to benefit its tonal qualities.

“Various instruments benefit the typical industry process of precision (in the cut, calibration, painting etc.),” Helios writes, “but suffer the stress of the prime material through the carving phases: high temperatures can be reached by the machineries’ speed and friction and some timber cells can be burned, which compromises the results of sonority. Certain instruments can be very beautiful in appearance but have amorphous sound and poor harmonics, in other words, lifeless. Craftsmanship carving is slower. It avoids all the violent stress and naturally preserves the timber with better sound results.”

Helios builds the Evolution 4 Custom with a 3-layer body of purpleheart, spruce, and quilted maple. The neck is also maple, capped with a purpleheart and ebony headstock for a nice aesthetic complement to the blond of the body’s quilted maple top. Its fitted with a pair of EMG PJ pickups with separate volume controls and an EMG BTC preamp. Hardware includes a Shaller 3D bride and Kluson tuners.

For more, check out the Helios Guitars website.

Helios Guitars Evolution 4 Custom Bass Photos:

Helios Guitars Evolution 4 Custom Bass Specs:

Body:Purpleheart, Spruce
Top:Quilted Maple
Neck:Plain Maple
Nut:Brass, Nut Width 37 mm
Neck Width at Nut:20 mm
Frets:24 Frets
Fret Markers:Front and Side Dots
Peghead Veneer:Ebony, Purpleheart
Bridge:Shaller 3D
Pickups:EMG PJ Set
Electronics:EMG BTC Preamp
Weight:7.28 lbs

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  1. I don’t play four string basses anymore, but I would be actually motivated to play this one.