John Mayer Trio with Pino Palladino: Chicken Grease/Cissy Strut Jam

I’ve said it before… by far, my favorite work by John Mayer is with his trio, thanks to Pino Palladino and Steve Jordan backing him up.

Here’s the trio in 2005 performing a bonus jam at the end of a concert, including “Chicken Grease” and “Cissy Strut”.

Each band member gets his own showcase, making this even better.

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  1. Looks like Pino is using Epifani cabs and Ashdown heads?

  2. One of the best trio !!!! Pino and steve are so much amazing !!!

  3. some greasy funk! woo wee!!!

  4. skús. Dominik Miller Pino Palladino bop B feat .alebo There is drem Pino Palladino Kto tam spieva? skús si toto po?úvnut .John Mayer je novodobý nádherný ale romantyk . ale v komercii HALF ON MAI HARD poznaš?

  5. That’s how a bass has to be