Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in April 2014

What’s better than new bass gear news? That would be the top 10 most popular new bass gear stories on No Treble.

Here are the most popular gear stories on No Treble for the month of April, 2014. Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing!

Fodera Unveils Victor Wooten Bow Bass Prototype

1. Fodera Victor Wooten Bow Bass Prototype

Victor Wooten is all about stretching boundaries, but most recently he’s teamed up with Fodera to create a radical new bass design. They’ve just announced the first prototype of their collaboration, which they’re calling the Bow Bass…

Carvin Introduces Vanquish Series Bass Guitars

2. Carvin Vanquish Series Bass Guitars

Carvin has unveiled a new line of basses called the Vanquish Series, which the company calls a “radical departure from traditional bass guitars.” Available in 4-, 5-, and 6-string versions, the new model is built with a beveled body for comfort and a 5-bolt neck for increased body/neck contact…

Dan Lakin Launches D. Lakin Basses with Two New Models

3. D. Lakin Basses Joe Osborn and Bob Glaub Models

Three years after selling Lakland Basses to a private investment group, Dan Lakin is getting back into the bass building business. His new company, D. Lakin Basses, is launching two new models that with his signature artists Joe Osborn and Bob Glaub….

Spector Unveils Helium Series Basses

4. Spector Helium Series Basses

Spector introduced their Helium Series of NS and Forte basses at Winter NAMM this year. The series uses a unique combination of reclaimed woods to create basses that weigh in at under eight pounds…

Gallien-Krueger Introduces CX Series Bass Cabinets

5. Gallien-Krueger CX Series Bass Cabinets

Gallien-Krueger has announced the company’s new CX Series of bass enclosures. Designed to compliment their MB Series of heads, the cabinets are loaded with proprietary ceramic drivers designed and built in the United States…

Alusonic Announces the Alberto Rigoni Hybrid Signature Bass

6. Alusonic Alberto Rigoni Hybrid Signature Bass

Alusonic Aluminum Instruments has teamed up with Italian bassist Alberto Rigoni to present the Alusonic Alberto Rigoni Hybrid signature bass. The bass is a take on the company’s hybrid blend of aluminum and wood construction and features an alder body topped with aluminum…

Shredneck Introduces Z-Series Travel Basses

7. Shredneck Z-Series Travel Basses

Shredneck, a company that specializes in practice and travel instruments, has introduced the Z-Series of travel basses. At a total body length of 36.25″, the Z-Series bass is approximately 5/8ths the size of a standard bass guitar…

Wounded Paw Effects Announces Black Sheep Bass Preamp

8. Wounded Paw Effects Black Sheep Bass Preamp

Wounded Paw Effects has released the Black Sheep Bass Preamp, a rackmountable pre designed for tonal flexibility. Its sound is based around six parallel overdrives focusing on six different frequency bands, giving you control to drive different frequencies of your signal in varying amounts…

Rikkers Custom Basses Announces Acoustiline and Acidline Basses

9. Rikkers Custom Basses Acoustiline and Acidline Basses

Dutch luthier Rikkers Custom Basses turns thirty this year, and to celebrate the company has introduced two new bass models: the Acoustiline and the Acidline. As with the rest of their instruments, the basses are hand made in the North of Holland…

AC Guitars Introduces The Krell Single Cut Model Bass

10. AC Guitars’ The Krell Single Cut Model Bass

Scottish luthier Alan Cringean of AC Guitars has introduced a singlecut version of his Krell bass, which was unveiled last year. The new model features all of the body contours of its predecessor but replaces the upper horn with a continuous slab to connect more of the neck to the body…

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