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Keeley Electronics Releases Neutrino Envelope Filter

Keeley Electronics Neutrino Envelope FilterKeeley Electronics is now shipping the Neutrino, an envelope filter that’s built for both bass and guitar. The hand-built pedal is a modern compact circuit of an opto-coupler based design that borrows concepts from their other stompboxes.

“Our design team focused on building a tunable dual opto-coupler design that could be aligned for unit-to-unit perfection,” company founder Robert Keeley explains. “Opto-coupler based envelopescan be expensive, bulky, and can have variances in sound quality so our goal was clear: create a best-in-class product that combines compact versatility, repeatable musical tone, and low noise in a compact effect. To achieve this, we employed several technical innovations from their successful Seafoam Chorus design. The end result is the Neutrino Envelope Filter is a studio-quality effect we are extremely proud of and excited to offer to our customers.”

The Neutrino has Gain and Peak knobs as well as a three-position band-pass filter to dial in your sound. Further, the Range switch adjusts the operating range of the variable state filter for emphasizing either the high or low registers. A Drive switch on the side of the pedal lets you control the direction of your filter sound.

The Keeley Neutrino Envelope Filter is hand-built in the U.S. and is available now with a direct price of $209.

Keeley Neutrino Demo:

Keeley Neutrino Details:

True Bypass Switching
Powder-Coated Enclosure
Power: 9V Power Supply
Controls: Gain, Peak, Filter Band Selector, Range, Drive

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