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Big Sir Releases “Digital Gardens”

Big Sir: Digital GardensBig Sir, the avant-pop experimental group anchored by bassist Juan Alderete (The Mars Volta, Racer X) and vocalist Lisa Papineau, is back with with its first album in two years, Digital Gardens, which is primarily a digital hardcore take on 2012’s Before Gardens After Gardens.

The only completely new song on the album is the track “Foucault’s Gold.”

Alderete says on his Pedals and Effects blog that he really just took the first album’s arrangements “and put heavy electronic drums on them and ramped up the bpm’s,” and then cut a bit of live work. Papineau then recorded her own vocals and effects.

It’s all meant to have a punk rock/abrasive sound, according to Alderete.

Here’s a bit of what you’ll hear on Digital Gardens:

The album is even available on a old-school punk rock medium — the cassette, which you can find here.

Digital Gardens is out now on CD and in digital format ( or get it as a digital formats (iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Bandcamp).

Digital Gardens Tracklist:

  1. Infidels
  2. Be Brave Go On
  3. Old Blood
  4. Right Action
  5. Regions
  6. The Ladder
  7. Ready On The Line
  8. The Kindest Hour
  9. Foucault’s Gold

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