Monster Updates Bass Cable

Monster Bass CableMonster has updated their line of Rock, Bass, and Acoustic cables, which are designed with features to accent the specific instruments. The series has been upgraded with new 24K gold connectors that feature a collet strain relief to clamp down on the Duraflex jacket when screwed together. This reduces the strain from solder points locking the cable in place. Its connector tip has also been strengthened compared to previous versions.

The Monster Bass cable is built with a solid core conductor, which they say gives more power and definition to notes. Other features of the cable include time correct windings with multiple gauge wire networks, bandwidth balanced construction, microfiber dialectric, and magnetic flux tube construction.

The Monster Bass cable comes in 21-foot, 12-foot, and 8-inch lengths with either angled to straight or all straight connectors. They’re available for order with MSRPs ranging from $34.95 to $59.95.

Monster Bass Cable Details:

Time Correct Windings with multiple gauge wire networks
Bandwidth Balanced construction to phase align signal for a more natural reproduction
Duraflex Outer Jackets for superior reliability and maximum cut resistance
24K Gold Connectors, with a new 2014 custom design based on customer and industry feedback, featuring collet strain relief for durability and resistance to corrosion
MicroFiber Dialectric for better isolation of magnetic fields for improved harmonic detail
Magnetic Flux Tube construction, which improves bass response and natural sonic characteristics

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  1. Still a rip. Stick with Monoprice cables.

  2. Although that next-to-last paragraph is almost 100% BS, they are really nice cables and have a great warranty.

    I love the ones I was given :-)

    They are expensive, especially compared to my home-built and Mono price cables.

  3. Is there really a difference in tone that you can hear?

  4. You know how the saying goes; there’s a “customer” born every minute.

  5. When it comes to guitar and bass, there’s no difference in the sound of cables unless you want to talk about capacitance. What you want to look for is durability and dependability. I don’t buy Monster because they sound amazing, because they don’t; they sound like literally every other cable. I buy Monster because of the damn warranty.

  6. Darko

    Wow! I’m sorry, but you guys have no idea what you are talking about. This was the best thing I ever bought for my EB3 bass, and there was a big tone improvement, and clarity. I have compared them to other cables, and especially for bass it makes a world’s difference. I just bought a Philosopher bass compressor pedal, and made sure I bought another monster bass cable for it to connect it to my amp. Plus these cables are guaranteed for life. Had a friend that went to Guiter Center due to her cable getting wrecked, and they replaced it no questions asks,sand no receipt.