Ian Trusheim: Stair Steps

Get ready to chill out.

Ian Trusheim sent in this awesome solo bass tune he wrote called “Stair Steps.” The song revolves around a nice groove that develops into a beautiful harmonic progression to which the bassist adds a simple yet gripping vocal melody.

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  1. I love that tone!

  2. I’m proud to be a member of the GVBB Brotherhood! I’m glad that Ian is a friend of mine! You did well, my brother!

  3. What a tone – some proof that this new generation of amps and cabs can give a pretty transparent tone

  4. And great playing of course! :)

  5. Awesome! Great playing, great tone, beautiful voice.

  6. wow. that’s cool.

  7. Lovely tone, unique application of vocals too.

  8. I really like it!

  9. Beautiful composition, very natural performance. Outstanding musicianship.