Reader Spotlight: Sam Lord

Sam Lord

Meet Sam Lord a musician from the UK who has had a bass in his hands pretty much since the day he was born. So it is no surprise he’s been one of the youngest bassists around his local scene.

Sam is No Treble’s reader in the spotlight for the week of May 26th, 2014.


I grew up in Lancaster (UK) and quickly became known for being a really young bass player who played in all the local pubs. As I got older, I took bass playing more seriously – including recording – leading me to become a session bassist. I also went on to study music production at university at Uclan whilst touring the whole UK numerous times and supporting names such as Mcfly. Now I’ve found myself playing with Aquilo.


Lancaster, UK

Day gig:

I play the bass for Aquilo and setting up my own recording studio, Crabtree House!

Years experience:

Since I was around 6 or 7 so 15 years!

Bands & Gigs:

I’m currently playing for Aquilo, an electronic style group who just had over 100,000 plays the latest single, “You There”.

London shows are in the pipeline and we’re heading out for a few festivals including Kendal Calling this summer!

Other bands include Idol Minds, Mike Dignam (Lawson, Chapman Square support) and Kolective Organika.



  • Overwater J5 Custom
  • Musicman Sterling 4 x2!
  • Fender Precision from 1972!
  • Fender Jazz 5
  • Hohner, The jack headless


  • Ashdown, always have and always will!
  • ABM 900 heads
  • 410 cab
  • 115 cab


  • MXR envelope filter, micro amp
  • Boss Chorus, Distortion, EQ and tuner
  • Ashdown Drive
  • Ernie Ball MVP volume pedal

Why I play the bass:

My dad took up the bass when I was first born so there has always been one in my hands. I always had few blisters when I was younger, thinking I could slap!

Things really developed though when I was high school, meeting other musicians who made me take it seriously. I formed Idol Minds (2004 – 2014) and got pretty far with this band.

My bass superpower/claim to fame:

With Idol Minds, we won the title of best student band when we were all studying at Uclan, along with support slots with Mcfly and the 1975!

My bass superpower? I’m just a total gear nerd, so I love all kinds of equipment.

My influences:

I’m a massive fan of Marcus Miller! Love James Jamerson, Jaco and all the greats. I also really admire Jon Doyle from the Skints. His reggae grooves are spot on.

More on the web:

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