Jackson 5: James Jamerson’s Isolated Bass on “Darling Dear”

No Isolated Bass Week would be complete without one of the stunning bass lines by the one and only James Jamerson.

Today we’re in for a treat with the beautiful bass line behind the Jackson 5 tune, “Darling Dear” from Third Album, released in 1970.

I love being able to hear the bass with the vocals to hear how Jamerson laid the foundation for the track.

Genius at work.

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  1. It amazes me how in that time, within the genre of course, the bass track was a real, “busy”, tasteful display of non-stop notes, phrases, concept and musicality. Bravo! Nowadays, all is about “simplicity” but not in term of minimalistic approach, but instead of idiotic-simple-unnecessary-trashy-unsupported approach.

    • You can say that again! And to think this was “comercial pop music”… We’re definitely living the downfall of pop culture as a whole. Try this on a regular recording session for a “pop artist” and you might get fired.

  2. tommyshimpock

    I love these isolated bass tracksr it’s awesome

  3. randolphr

    Encore !!

  4. Another example (one of my top 5 jamerson bass lines) of the remarkable synchronicity of jamerson’s virtuoso playing in synch with a superb vocal. He was simply the best.

  5. MarkC

    I have to agrre with BASSLOW statement, also I have to point out that someones talent and uniqunes was desired when it comes to music creation, nowdays, most producers and arrangers just need good “tehnician” behind instrument to follow the instructions. Very often they don’t know about instrument specifics and they are affraid to go beyond their limits and by doing that music is suffering…

  6. … stop the notes and You have Jaco, 6 years before… :)
    James was millions years ahead of his time…

  7. Probably my all time favourite line, by my all time favourite player. Awsome. Got to wade in on the modern pop music debate though. While I am not a fan of a lot of modern pop. There are still some great tunes coming out with great bass lines. And let’s not forget, manufactured bubblegum pop started with Motown, they set the business model. It’s easy to look at the past with rose tinted glasses. Remember for every “What’s going On?” There is I “Boom bang A Bang” that sold as many records. There is only 2 kinds of music , good and bad. Both have always been made, both always will. As for simple, I teach beginners My Girl. Great line but easy peasy.

    • Steven Allen

      Thank you, Nick, you said it much better than I would have.