Panagiotis Andreou, Tammy Scheffer & Ronen Itzik: Morning Bound

Morning Bound is a fantastic new trio consisting of vocalist Tammy Scheffer, drummer Ronen Itzik and bassist Panagiotis Andreou, who you may know from Now vs. Now.

The trio describes their sound as “somewhere in the realm between pop, rock, jazz, and Mediterranean soul,” is readying their debut EP for this fall.

This self-titled track is the first glimpse of what’s to come. The song’s ethereal vibe is heightened by Scheffer’s other-worldly vocals and lyrics, while Andreou and Itzik lay a perfect foundation to make the odd meter sound perfectly natural. The breakdown/buildup that starts at 2:49 is absolutely epic.

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  1. Bill

    Awesome! I find her exceptionally sexy for some reason?

  2. Thank you Kevin, really appreciate the kind words! Just wanted to mention Eyal Amir on the mix and recording, and Alessio Romano’s beautiful video work. It takes a team :)

  3. Dave

    Tremendous vocals.Stunning.

  4. Blown away. Tammy reminds me of Annie Haslam. The bass and drums are brilliant, and I love the quirky time signature. The lyrics are very intriguing as well, have they been published on line yet? Great engineering as well; on the whole very professional and beautifully done. Congratulations on a nigh-on perfect debut. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the EP!

  5. And BTW, JFTR, talent is ALWAYS sexy…

  6. Justin

    Wow, i totally dig this! Well done!

  7. Magyar János

    Nagyon jó!

  8. I’ve seen Tammy in several videos over the last year or so, in particular I loved the remake of Moves Like Jagger, with Eyal Amir and Jordan Rudess! Saying this with the utmost humility and respect, I think her voice and talent is amazing! Yes, she is beautiful, but it’s the soul behind the eyes that truly shine through her…. This latest venture for Tammy seems perfect for her, and if this song is truly representative of what Morning Bound will be offering to us, then I am ecstatic and simply delirious and deliciously in love with their music!

  9. Starts out Astrud and João Gilberto, ends up Yes. I want to hear more.

  10. Adam Taylor

    Thank you!!! Fresh ideas are always welcome! I love what you guys have going on. Beautiful vocals. Great bass playing. Responsible drums. Bravo! I will be looking for this.

  11. Love the music! And maybe I love Tammy a little too:-)

  12. Her vocal phrasing reminds me of Jan Hammer’s keyboard work for some reason.