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Shahab Tolouie and Jan Urbanec: EthnoBulerias

The last time we shared a video by guitarist Shahab Tolouie and bassist Jan Urbanec, it was a major hit. Jan has just shared a new one with us.

The duo is really creating some unique music, which Jan describes as “flamenco fusion.” That’s as fitting a description as any for this performance of one of Shahab’s compositions, “EthnoBulerias.”

Jan said he employed more of a slap bass approach on this to produce a cajon-like sound. But it was Shahab’s description that really made us laugh:

“Some funny moments right from our rehearsal place. It’s all about the groove, if you can’t hold on to your groove, then eat your cheese.”

The end of the video is great too. It isn’t just about the groove, though. It is about having fun too.

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