Shahab Tolouie and Jan Urbanec: My Lost Smile

Jan Urbanec sent us a note about his new project, and a video to go along with it. The duo pairs the bassist with Shahab Tolouie.

“It is a fusion of Flamenco, Persian traditional music and modern groove,” explains Jan. “Shahab comes from Iran, studied flamenco in Spain and lives now in Prague.”

Jan once again plays his semi-acoustic fretless, where he holds down a solid groove. Shahab plays a pretty remarkable instrument – a triple-neck fusetar, playing the theme of the song on both guitar and Persian Setar.

“The use of the little chain and coins on the 1st bass string… adds a tambourine-like sound to the overall sound,” they share.

It all adds up to one unique tune. We dig it.

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An interesting footnote, from Shahab:

“I love the honesty of a good duo and trio. They’re my favorite formations. There have been fantastic [history making trios] such as the Police, Cream and the Guitar Trio. It can express the music in a very honest way. A duo is even more challenging. As simple as it may sound, yet hard as a rock. Since you can’t hide your mistakes behind other instruments, you have to play good. And that’s good about it.”

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  1. Oh man, so cool! I love the tambourine sounding piece on the bassist’s G string. Great idea.

  2. Thank you for featuring our video. :) We’re glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Very unique and awesome playing.

  4. Great Stuff! I hope you don’t mind me “stealing” some of your licks!

  5. Yay, ghosts notes used stylistically rather than in a passing phrase

  6. i love the ebb and flow of this piece