Rush: “Working Man” Live, 2002

Today is Geddy Lee’s birthday, which means we’re celebrating all day with plenty of Rush tunes in rotation.

Since we pick one video to spotlight each day, we decided on a tune that brings the band full circle, in a way – the classic Rush tune, “Working Man.”

The tune of course was part of the band’s debut album in 1974.

This performance – in 2002 – happened to be the last song of their encore, on their last night of their Vapor Trails tour. The date was November 23rd, 2002 to be exact.

It brings back a ton of good memories for me, and I’m betting plenty of you. For me, this was one of the first songs I attempted to transcribe on the electric bass.

Of course, if I’d heard the instrumental break on this particular version, I might have decided on another tune!

Happy birthday, Geddy, and thanks for showing us the way.

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  1. Gregg

    RUSH!!!! DAMNITMAN!!!!

  2. Jukka Haavisto

    I just love this band!