Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in July 2014

Bass gear stories are always popular on No Treble, and we get it.

Here are the top 10 most read gear stories for the month of July. As always, we present it with a warning: may cause GAS.

Rick Turner Teams Up with Michael Kelly Guitars to Release Licensed Renaissance Bass

1. Michael Kelly Guitars Licensed Renaissance Bass

Luthier Rick Turner has teamed up with Michael Kelly Guitars to release a licensed line of his Renaissance instruments, including the Renaissance Bass. Turner, who co-founded Alembic in 1970, has been making the series by hand up until now…

Nordstrand Pickups Introduces Bigman Bass Pickup

2. Nordstrand Bigman Bass Pickup

If you’re looking for a replacement Music Man-style pickup, Nordstrand Pickups has introduced a new model they describe as “not for the faint of heart.” The Bigman is actually two of the company’s Big Single pickups housed under a Music-Man-style cover…

Fender Launches Four New Micro-Sized Pedals

3. Fender’s New Micro-Sized Pedals

Fender has announced a new line of micro-sized pedals, including an ABY switcher, a compressor, a DI, and a graphic EQ, each weighing in at about 5.6 ounces…

OZZtosh Introduces LUMA Aluminum Body Bass

4. OZZtosh LUMA Aluminum Body Bass

OZZtosh unveiled their latest creation, the LUMA Bass, at the Summer NAMM Show in Nashville, Tennessee. The bass follows suit with the rest of their LUMA series and is CNC machined from a 6061 solid aluminum billet…

Seymour Duncan Announces NYC Bass Pickups

5. Seymour Duncan NYC Bass Pickups

Seymour Duncan has announced a new line of pickups. Similar to pickups found on the city’s handcrafted basses, the new NYC Bass Pickups use a dual coil J-type pickup design with a double row of exposed Alnico pole pieces…

ValveTrain Amplification Announces Brandywine All-Tube Bass Amp

6. ValveTrain Amplification Brandywine All-Tube Bass Amp

Amp company ValveTrain has announced the Brandywine amplifier, a 50-watt all-tube bass amp inspired by the bass amps for the early ’60s. The amp is described as marrying vintage tone with modern features and was designed primarily for studio use…

Ella Basses Introduces Isaac Singlecut Bass

7. Ella Basses Isaac Singlecut Bass

Ella Basses has introduced a new singlecut model called the Isaac. Named after luthier Jeff Power’s son, the bass is handmade and can be ordered to suit. The Isaac has been made in 4- and 5-string versions with standard features including set-neck construction, Bartolini pickups and electronics, and Hipshot hardware…

TC Electronic Announces Limited Edition Ditto Looper Gold

8. TC Electronic Limited Edition Ditto Looper Gold

TC Electronic is re-issuing the original Ditto Looper with a limited edition gold-colored run of the compact looping pedal. Limited to 5,000 units, the pedal will retain the same features as its predecessor including its true-bypass, analog dry-through design…

Grip Studios Introduces Zombie Grip Wall Hanger

9. Grip Studios Zombie Grip Wall Hanger

Grip Studios has expanded their Axcent Hand Grip series with the Zombie Grip. The hand-shaped wall hanger can support basses, guitars, and other stringed instruments…

Digital Audio Labs Adds Expansion Products to Stompblox Pedalboard Line

10. Digital Audio Labs Stompblox Pedalboard Expansion Products

Digital Audio Labs has extended their line of Stompblox modular pedalboards with the Stompblox Riser and the Stompblox Extend. The new products are the first two modular expansion products that connect to the Stompblox system to expand its functionality…

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