Studio Jams with Victor Bailey: The Chicken

I really dig what the guys at Studio Jams do. In each episode, they bring in a group of talented musicians, many who are meeting each other for the first time, and let them create music.

In episode #38, which was released in 2009, Victor Bailey, Jeff Golub on guitar, Matt King on keys and Anton Fig on drums got together and chose to play the Pee Wee Ellis tune, “The Chicken”, which of course was popularized by Jaco Pastorius.

And Victor is laying it down!

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  1. yeah. the chicken is one song that will go down in the history of the groove. and these cats are doin’ it! you’re right, corey. victor is layin’ it down!

  2. Great players…and it shows

  3. “You play bass… you most know The Chicken”… love it