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Wonderlush: JAM

Wonderlush has been dubbed the “UK’s very own P-Funk group”, which is saying a lot.

But they’re backing it up. Wonderlush is supporting George Clinton’s & Parliament’s UK tour and Reading Festival appearance.

Their bassist is Punkpappa, who lays down some killer bass on this track and is a huge part of the group living up to their funky reputation. Their debut EP, JAM is set for a August 18th release.

Wonderlush reached out to share their latest single, “JAM”. Time to get funky.

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Ed Min

Sick toneage.

Anybody know what bass he’s playing (or more specifically playing on the recording)?

Peter Brown

Try the Mu Tron 111. Bootsy used them for his sound. Although his was a 70s original. I picked mine up on eBay about £230

Herbie Schmutz

Good opening act for the Muthaship – but in no way are they in the league with the Supreme one – GP Clinton.