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Shahab Tolouie and Jan Urbanec: Natalia

I received a note from bassist Jan Urbanec about a new video by the incredible duo he has with guitarist Shahab Tolouie. Of course, any time that happens, I can’t wait to check out what they’re up to with their “flamenco fusion” sound.

As always, Jan’s note came with a little humor:

“I know No Treble can’t be all about us (even I would hate it that way :D), but I gotta share this one with you.”

I’m so glad he did. With videos like this, I don’t care how often we feature this duo. How about you?

The tune is “Natalia”, written by Tolouie. Incredible!

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Andrés Segura

How come nobody has commented this video. I guess everyone is shocked!!! Incredible musicianship, thanks for sharing :-)



These guys have literally become one of my favorite regular features here on no treble! Keep it coming guys!