Dominic “Forest” Lapointe: Beyond Creation’s “Elusive Reverence” Bass Playthrough

Technical Death Metal band Beyond Creation is getting ready to release their sophomore album, Earthborn Evolution, and bassist Dominic “Forest” Lapointe has dished up a bass playthrough of the first track from the album, “Elusive Reverence.”

The left-handed, six-string fretless player tears through the track with deceptive ease. Rather than lay on root notes or double the guitar, Lapointe lays down forward-thinking and melodic bass lines throughout the song. Make sure to check out the 1:31 mark for some flawless tapping action.

Thanks to Joseph Joel for the tip.

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  1. 33 seconds…I was diggin the frettless work…then cookie monster showed up…hahaha that is the suck! rawrrawrrawr…hehehe

    • Not a fan of cookie monsters either. No matter how much I’m told about that kind of voice being part of the style and such, i’ll never dig it, simple matter of personal taste. Good thing I could focus more on listening to the bass line, which is great to say the least.

  2. and yeah the tapping at 1:31…badass…but the vox…get the hook man!

  3. Passy Lips

    Absolutely amazing!!!! \m/ >_< \m/

  4. Scott Pearson

    Just saw these guys at Heavy Montréal and they were awesome! Their live performance was flawless.

    Also saw Cynic at Heavy MTL with their original bassist Sean Malone who also plays fretless. I don’t know if this has been mentioned here before but here’s him playing “Veil of Maya” by Cynic:

    Lots of great bass this year!

  5. Mike Matthews

    Brother man’s fretless work was “kill’n” and then that damn cookie monster stole all the damn cookies (aka the bass goodness) … his finger tapping @ the 1:31 mark is very cool too; but I just can’t get through the whole thing due to the vocals. Bass gets an A & the vocals get a F… for FIRE the damn singer. Sorry for the negativity.

  6. Louis

    He definitely has command of his instrument….but the music….I mean really?

  7. Personally I prefer cookie monster music to what I personally refer to as, without any intention of insulting anyone, “gay singing”. I’m a singer and composer myself and I sign both clean and unclean. Good playing there. I love that background behind the player, is that green screened or is that really his wall?

    • Jung

      Suggest to drop the “gay-whatever” tag, if you really don´t want to insult. You are bullying all gay people with such a remark.

      • Jung I think you are exaggerating, I have nothing against gay people, the use of the word gay as in “my gay little song” is not more insulting to gay people than saying “this is a fat beat” is insulting to obese people. Gay, like many words have more than one meaning.

        • basser

          Not really… in this case, your use of the word “gay” directly refers to someone singing in what you apparently consider an effeminate style, and is used in a derogatory fashion. A “fat beat” implies no derogation to anyone.

  8. Timmy

    love Forest. guy is a complete beast in every single project. also, really love his live performance on the Quo Vadis DVD, live in Montreal. the amount of raw talent that comes from Quebec is astonishing and I consider it the capital of extreme and avant-garde metal. if you don;t like the vocals, too bad. I remember it took me a while to appreciate it, but as one guy said down below, I am not a fan of “gay” singing like James LaBrie. I prefer powerful, gutteral, extreme vocals to fit the music and it works amazingly, imo.

  9. Joe Pohutsky

    Why does almost everyone seem surprised to hear distorted vocals on a play through of a DEATH METAL song?

  10. One tip I’ve picked up just by watching this guy is that if you put your plucking hand at an angle you can really pick up some speed, a must for the style

  11. classical tech death anyone?? xD

  12. That is just breathtaking work, there! Those of you out there complaining about the vocals, I will repeat along with others here; hey, guys…it’s DEATH METAL. If you can’t hang with the vocal style, which is an expected aspect of the style and sound, then nobody is making you listen to it. Furthermore, to the humorless Social Justice Warrior trying to piss on that one guy; he made his case clear, and you need to lighten up and get a life. Get over yourself, OK?