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Vulfpeck: 1612

Vulfpeck is back with a brand new album, Fugue State – and it is killer.

This video features the second track on the album, “1612”. Joe Dart is laying down the killer groove as usual, and singer Antwaun Stanley makes a return appearance. Jack Stratton is on guitar (and composed the tune), Theo Katzman is on drums and Woody Goss is on the wurlitzer

Jack sent me the details:

“Joe used a MusicMan Sterling with Thomastik Flats thanks to Amazon Prime’s rental program. Don’t try that at home. I doubled the bassline on bridge-pickup palm-muted Strat. All that plus the kick drum makes a very punchy bassline. The instrumental is a nod to Wardell Quezergue who wrote some of my favorite basslines like ‘Mr. Big Stuff’ and ‘Groove Me’. His basslines are secretly the hook.”

Fugue State is available from Vulpeck’s Bandcamp page and will soon be available on iTunes.

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Steven Smith

yeah, these dudes have done it again…and better. what a groove. i’ve got my afro again.

Steven Smith

ok, i just sampled fugue state. how old are these guys, 50??? or did they just travel from the 70s in a time machine? or, even better, maybe they’ve been in suspended animation since 1975. (sorry, guys, i read comics) wow! vulfpeck is unbelievably talented.



‘Sky Mall’ is insane!



Never heard of Vulfpeck, but had a blast listening to everything I could find! Thanks for the introduction!

Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

This is the dopest crap EVER. I forgot how killer these cats are. I’m going to have to watch/listen to this again to find out what 1612 is; but I DIG!!! It’s all about groove and melody for me. Great stuff!

Dustin Samples

When I listen to this song I turn into Baloo the Bear.