Rodrigo y Gabriela with Robert Trujillo: Metallica Medley

Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo recently sat in with Mexican guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela to create a memorable encore at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado. After some solo riffing, Trujillo kicks into the bridge of “Orion” to begin a four-song medley from the legendary metal band’s repertoire.

The trio tackles “Orion,” “For Whom The Bell Tolls,” “The Frayed Ends of Sanity,” and “Battery” in a setting that makes for some interesting arrangements.

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  1. Mike Matthews

    Rob is just down right cool !!! Awesome Warwick too.

  2. James Winder

    I love Rob, I think he has fantastic presence in Metallica and his basslines on Death Magnetic were surprisingly refreshing. But his tone choice here is horrrrrrrendous. I’d have much preferred a deep, smooth tone, perhaps with a little bit of growl. But that sort of distortion with two acoustics was just nasty.

    • have to agree, a bit more mids, less of a scooped thing and it would have sat better with Rodrigo’s tone. Gabriella makes everything sound good though lol. Still cool shit. Fantastic players having a good time.

    • i disagree… i think if it’s the normal deep tone you’re talking about, it would sound good individually but would be too overwhelming for the the acoustic guitars. He’s a team player and as a trio the tone seem to work wonderfully throughout. I believe you were judging the tone purely based on the short intro.

    • Mike

      I agree too, the tone is pretty bad. Rob’s right hand hits hard, which works great for that “deep-yet-bright” heavy metallica tone when he plays with the whole band, but when it’s exposed like this it’s very harsh on the ears. A lighter touch on the strings with the right hand might have helped a lot, but the tonal issue goes further than that too. I also don’t like the sound from the acoustic guitars. Acoustics need to have an internal mic to keep from sounding rubbery like in this recording. If you’ve seen Andy McKee play you’ll know what I mean. He actually has a video where he talks about his electronics in his acoustic that explains it well.

    • Joe

      To be fair, this is a direct signal. The audio seems to be coming right out of the house console. In a large venue setting like that, he definitely had a bassier tone, just because of the acoustics of the place and the gigantic speakers they’re being blasted out of.

  3. Josee

    creo que ni metallica sonaba a si de bien !

  4. Oscar Fanega

    Que malo… Parece un video shreds…

  5. Interesting but horrible and sloppy playing. The bass tone :(….