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Avishai Cohen Trio Record Reissued on Vinyl

Avishai Cohen Trio: Gently DisturbedIf you missed out on the Avishai Cohen Trio’s Gently Disturbed when it came out in 2008, or you just always wanted a vinyl version of the record, you’re in luck.

The work, from the trio featuring the innovative Cohen on bass, Mark Guiliana on drums and Shai Maestro on piano, received a host of accolades for its near-redefinition of jazz.

You can hear why. Just listen to the title track:

Gently Disturbed is available on vinyl and for digital download. The CD, which has been available since 2008, can be found here.

Gently Disturbed Track List:

  1. Seattle
  2. Chutzpan
  3. Lo Baiom Velo Balyla
  4. Pinzin Kinzin
  5. Puncha Puncha
  6. Eleven Wives
  7. Gently Disturbed
  8. The Ever Evolving Etude
  9. Variations in G Minor
  10. Umray
  11. Structure in Emotion