Electro-Harmonix Enters Compact Looping Pedal Market with the NanoLooper 360

Electro-Harmonix NanoLooper 360The compact looping pedal market is heating up, with Electro-Harmonix adding their own pedal to the mix. The NanoLooper 360 is a compact looping pedal with 360 seconds of loop recording time that can be split into 11 different loops. Housed in a die-cast chassis, it records uncompressed audio at 24-bit A/D/A and a 44.1kHz sample rate.

The pedal’s control layout breaks things down to a footswitch, a Level knob, and a Loop knob. The footswitch activates the record, stop, overdub, undo, redo, and erase functions. The level knob controls the level of the loop, and the Loop knob allows you to switch between the 11 loop locations. Three LEDs light up to display what function you’re accessing.

The NanoLooper 360 runs on a 9.6DC-200 EHX power supply, which is included with the pedal. It’s available for pre-order with a list price of $179.99.

Electro-Harmonix NanoLooper 360 Details:

360 seconds of loop recording time
11 different loops
Uncompressed audio, 24-bit A/D/A and 44.1kHz sample rate
Features a silent momentary footswitch
Rugged die-cast package
9.6DC-200 EHX power supply included

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