Dominic Miller, Manu Katché and Pino Palladino: Rush Hour

One Shot Not was a terrific show aired on French television from 2007 until 2011. Described as a way to discover artists from multiple musical backgrounds through recorded sessions, the inspiration for the show was David Sanborn’s and Jools Holland’s “Night Music” program.

In their final year of airing, guitarist Dominic Miller joined bassist Pino Palladino and drummer Manu Katché. The trio played Miller’s tune “Rush Hour”.

It is so cool to watch the behind-the-scenes segment leading to the music and the way this all came together. Wow.

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  1. great stuff – loved it

  2. Pino is such a tasteful badass.

  3. Louis

    Thanks for posting! it’s always great to watch Pino doing his thing.

  4. alex

    I miss this show … it aired on the french/german channel Arte (hence the german dubbing in the video) and Katché was actually the show’s host … I never understood why they stopped, that’a pity.

  5. kenzillathor


  6. Gilles Lenfant

    One Shot Not was the best musical entertainment on TV ever – In France at least. Thank you Manu.

  7. Risto Määttänen

    Every time you go away?