TWA Now Shipping Little Dipper Mk II Pedal

TWA Little Dipper Mk II PedalAfter two years of development, TWA has released the Little Dipper Mk II envelope-controlled vocal formant filter. The new version of the pedal, which is based on the classic Colorsound Dipthonizer circuit, adds new control features as well as a fuller frequency response, lower noise floor, and improved tracking.

Among the new features is a Low Boost switch that the company says improves performance when used on bass. It also adds a 5-way slider with an additional “dipthong/vowel” effect that gives a darker, mellower sweep that works well with bass. Other new features include an output level trim, an expression pedal input, a S3 relay-based true bypass switching circuit, and a 7-position rotary switch for the Occulation effect.

The Little Dipper’s main controls include Ascension, Inclination, Diffraction, and Occulation. Ascension works like the Threshold on a standard envelope filter and controls the depth of sweep for the pedal’s dual filters. Inclination dtermines the trigger timing of the two filters in relation to each other to produce different vowel and dipthong sounds. Diffraction is a fuzz effect, and Occulation controls seven timing and EQ variations for the dual filters. Beyond all of the external controls, the Little Dipper Mk II has internal Blend, Gate, and Level controls.

The TWA Little Dipper Mk II is made in the USA and is available now with a street price of $299.

TWA Little Dipper Mk II Pedal Details:

S3 “Shortest Send Switching”
Made in USA
Controls: Ascension, Occulation, Inclination, Diffraction
Internal Controls: Blend, Gate, Level
Low Boost Switch
Smaller Chassis than Mk I

For more information:
TWA on Godlyke

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