TWA Introduces the Krytical Mass Pedal

TWA Krytical Mass PedalTWA has released the Krytical Mass, a reactive octave fuzz that pays homage to the vintage Maestro Bass Brassmaster. Using a unique set of EQ and voltage manipulation controls, the new pedal captures its predecessor’s “aggressive yet warm & organic edge.”

The Krytical Mass’s fuzz signal produces an octave up as well as a more subtle octave down, the company explains. Its control set includes Sensitivity, Dry, and Fuzz level knobs at the top with smaller knobs for dialing in the Edge (fuzz brightness) and Bias. Four switches control various EQ filters with a High Pass Filter, two Low Pass Filters, and a Mid switch.

Central to the pedal is its organic nature. “The fuzz is extremely responsive to playing dynamics, creating scorching, filter-like tone sweeps as notes decay,” TWA writes. “Muted notes will “kill” the fuzz with almost gate-like precision, yielding a super-tight, synth-like pulse that is simply addictive to play.”

Hear the pedal in action with deep feature explanations from Godlyke’s Kevin Bolembach:

The TWA Krytical Mass is available now for $299.

TWA Krytical Mass Pedal Features:

Sensitivity & Fuzz Level controls adjust the intensity & output level of the fuzz
Dry knob adjusts the output level of the dry signal
HP, LP1, LP2 & MID switches turn on various EQ filters to adjust the tone of the fuzz
Edge control adjusts the overall brightness of the fuzz
Bias adjusts the voltage going to the transistors in order to fine-tune the fuzz effect.
Polarity switch adjusts the winding of the internal transformer from positive to negative.
“Critical Mass Reaction” LED array indicates effect status & can be set to cycle or steady-on
9 VDC power (external power source required)
Mechanical True Bypass switching
3-year warranty
Made in USA
Street Price: $299

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