Reed James Engineering Introduces RJ NEO Split Blade Bass Pickups

Reed James Engineering RJ NEO Split Blade Pickups

Reed James Engineering has expanded their RJ NEO line of pickups with the RJ NEO Split Blade. Utilizing the same technology as the rest of the series, Reed James describes the new split blade as having the same mid-range and dynamics of their Vintage Vibe Jazz Bass pickups with the smoothness of of the RJ NEO.

The RJ NEO Split Blade pickup is built with neodymium magnets and is fully shielded. They come in direct replacement sizes for EMG® 35, 40 and 45 pickups as well as Bartolini P2 and P4 shapes. Wood covers and custom shapes will be available as custom orders.

Pricing for the new pickup starts at $200 per set.

Reed James Engineering RJ NEO Split Blade Pickups Details:

Neodymium Design
Noiseless Operation
Fully shielded
Custom Sizes and Covers Available

For more information:
Reed James Engineering

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  1. These new pickups from Reed James are phenomenal sounding. They capture an acoustic representation of your instrument with a nice deep low end, great punch, strong (yet even) mids and the utmost clarity. They do my basses sonic justice.

  2. Please note this disclaimer Reed James engineering is not affiliated with EMG® pickups and all above products are designed to be Direct replacement for EMG® and similar size pickups The RJ NEO is a neodymium magnetically charge pickup ,It design and construction of all internal parts are proprietary to Reed James engineering

  3. Buyer BEWARE on these!!!!

    I placed an order with Reed James Engineering for RJ Neo Pickups in October of 2013 and have yet to receive the pickups. Correct, that was a year ago.
    I paid $275 up front. That’s full price, not a discount like the instrument builders who rave about his pickups get. At the time I placed the order, his website stated custom orders would be completed within 90 days. It’s a year later. The order is still not filled.

    Since I don’t seem to be getting the product I’ve paid for, I’ve politely asked for a refund three times. He no longer returns my emails. I’ve been given seven different ship dates, told the pickups have been made three different times, told my order has been lost a couple of times, and now ignored. This may be a good product. Mr. Reed even seemed like a nice guy when I have talked to him on the phone. However, I’ve spent at very least another $275 worth of my time trying to get this order filled with nothing to show for it except time lost and a wallet that is $275 lighter.

    My hope is no one else will have this experience dealing with this company. I’m putting my real name on this post, because I stand behind what I’ve written here. In the past, Mr. Reed has posted defamatory and derogatory remarks on his Facebook profile page and in forums about others who have complained. I risk this same treatment so you don’t have to learn a $275 lesson like me. Save yourself the trouble and avoid this company.

    • Jim

      A lot of people seem to have the same experience with Reed.

    • Best way to contact us is to call working hard to expand the business to meat the high demand. there have bean some mix ups ,and working long hours doing our best to get back on top of things, but the RJ NEO splits are an on the shelf item . 209-271-3937 we will do every thing in our power to clear up the mix up Jim Reed

      • Mr. Reed, I have talked to you on the phone multiple times, sir. It has always led to more empty promises. It’s unfortunate that your company is experiencing growing pains. That has nothing to do with the price of tea in China from a customer’s point of view. Filling orders in a timely manner and Customer Service are not my burden. They are yours.
        Also, I don’t appreciate getting an email referring to my post as “low”. You also are holding my refund for a ransom saying you’ll refund if I remove the negative comment above. Below is Mr. Reed’s email to me. Apparently, this is what paying $275 to his company gets you.

        “We are still trying to get ahead we sean your attack on no treble very low
        you order got caught in the mix with things and was mixed up with some one
        else, things things got way over my head with orders deleet the negative
        comments all refund your money ASAP
        Jim Reed”

        • Rod MacDowell

          I’ve ordered 5 sets of pickups from Jim, Vintage Vibe, RJNeo 6 string (black case and custom bloodwood covers) and even a set of guitar hum buckers. I have never had a problem with delivery or communication (and no, I am not a luthier). Maybe what Jim says is true – your order got mixed up with someone else’s. I know from experience that he stands behind his product, and he fixes problems when they materialize…if he says he’ll refund your money, he will. I would hate for you to miss out on such an awesome product.

          If you are interested, I’m in L.A. and I would be happy to let you demo the pickups I have in my basses. Hit me back.

          • Thank you Rod for that kind offer. I have heard Mr. Reed’s work in a few of my friends’ basses. He does indeed make a really good pickup. He also seemed like an okay person when I’ve talked to him on the phone. My friends vouch for him, too.

            All that aside, his business practices are lacking. Good guy with a good product or not, the way he was handling the mix up is not something I’d wish another fellow bassist to have to endure. I’ve seen stories similar instances in other forums, so he may want to rethink his manner of doing business. I hope others who are unsatisfied will speak up, so the gaps in his practices are mended and future instances will not come to be.

            He did refund the money this morning, but it took this sort of publicity and a lot of my time to get his attention. As for the mix up, he claimed my emails were going to his spam folder. If your light bill goes to your spam folder, do you think the light company is going to wait a year to come turn off your lights?

            Once again he did refund the $275. Good luck to him. I wish him well in learning the customer service side of a prosperous business.