Vulfpeck: Fugue State

Vulfpeck released their next video from Fugue State, and this one is the terrific title track from that album.

By now you know the guys, starting with our hero, Joe Dart on bass, with Jack Stratton on drums, Woody Goss on Wurlitzer (and the composer) and Theo Katzman on guitar.

These guys just bring it, every time.

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  1. bvdon

    nice… love the Fender Rhodes sound.

  2. Terence Rabe

    That’s got a strong whiff of Steely Dan about it… Which is no bad thing. Loving the ‘peck :)

  3. George

    Woody always has great compositions.

  4. Mike Matthews

    Yes Indeed – these guys truly ‘bring it’ every time. Love It !

  5. Wayne Renardson

    Never heard of Vulfpeck and unfamiliar with the style but the musicianship is fine enough for me to explore further. Nice. Thank you guys.

  6. Vulfpeck. ‘Nuff said.

  7. Cool vibe for sure …Agree with Terence.Does have that Steely Dan sound with a bit of Little Feat for good measure .

  8. Mike

    Never get sick of these guys. Can’t believe i missed their impromptu show in San Luis Obispo CA, at the Frog and Peach pub. Is it me or does the old school analog like sound they have reminiscient of any sitcom or 70s show back track??! Friggin’ love these dudes.

    • Mike, that show wasn’t impromptu. We had been scheming to get them to SLO for a while. The band was just cool enough to say yes when asked, and, hate to tell you, it was as fantastic as you would imagine.