Ariane Cap: Solo Bass in Stereo

Grab a pair of headphones and get ready for a cool sonic experience. Ariane Cap put together an awesome solo bass jam in stereo with different lines panned left and right to please your ear holes.

“All six string bass, a looper, a Delay pedal and a Slicer Pedal create all the mayhem,” Cap writes. “Recorded in true stereo!”

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  1. Michelle

    Cinematic, evocative, nice & way cool!

  2. Mike Matthews

    Good stuff. I use a loop station myself; but I think I need to incorporate the whole stereo thing. Very Hip Stuff!!!

  3. gosh, really stereo ?

  4. Nice basswork, Ariane ….and the red boots, perfect !

  5. Great use of all your tools. Very pleasing sound. thx

  6. Dan

    Snake Plisken would be proud!

  7. Ariane is one amazingly talented lady.

  8. Daniel

    All kidding aside . . . The gear she’s using is incredible . . . Her skills are marginal . . .

  9. riki navada

    Great performance