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Jackson Steel Guitar Company Introduces SlideKing Bass

Jackson Steel Guitar Company SlideKing Bass

Here’s something you’ve probably never seen. The Jackson Steel Guitar Company has introduced the SlideKing Bass, an instrument that blends a bass guitar with a pedal steel guitar. Introduced at Summer NAMM this year, the bass is set up horizontally with pedals and comes in 4- or 5-string models.

It’s built with a solid hard rock maple body and neck with a lacquer finish. The SlideKing comes with three foot pedals that change its tuning on the fly, just like a pedal steel. The pickup is a single coil designed by late, great pedal steel guitarist Shot Jackson. If you’re wondering what in the world that would sound like, check out this demo by Zane King:

The Jackson Steel Guitar Company SlideKing comes in black, turquoise, red and white colors. It has a base price of $1,995, which includes the instrument, legs, pedal rods, pedal bars and foot pedals. Custom options are available.

Jackson Steel Guitar Company SlideKing Bass Details:

Strings:4 or 5
Design:Designed by Jackson Steel Guitar Company (originators/builders of Sho-Bud Pedal Steel Guitars)
Body and neck:Solid hard rock maple with lacquer finish
Fretboard:Classic Sho-Bud style fretboard with hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs
Keyhead:Custom Jackson Steel design
Pickup:Single Coil Shot Jackson design
Available options:4 foot pedals
Custom pedal setups:Accommodated
Case:Not Included

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