bnd Products Announces bnd/one Stand

bnd Products bnd/one Standbnd Products has introduced the bnd/one, a flexible bass and guitar stand that bends to fit inside a bass or guitar case.

The stand, which can support both basses and guitars, features a three-piece design. Its bendable neck snaps onto the base and neck support. The neck support also bends to cradle your bass’s neck.

The bnd/one comes in black and white and will ship in December 2014. The stand is normally priced at $64.99 but has an introductory price of $48. A portion of the profits from each sale will be donated to charities worldwide.

For more information:
bbd Products

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  1. ilya

    Hi! How can I order this stand?

  2. I wonder how well it works for asymmetrical instruments like a Fender Jazz Bass or something like a Spector Legend ?