Primus Reimagines Willy Wonka on New Album

Primus: Primus and the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi EnsembleFor some reason, it just doesn’t feel surprising that Primus leader/bassist Les Claypool loves the 1971 film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory so much that he, the rest of the original Primus lineup (that hasn’t played together since 1995) and the 2-member Fungi Ensemble, would create a take on iconic film’s music.

Primus and the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble is as unique as you’d expect, while remaining fully, totally, Primus. Just hear what happens to “Pure Imagination” in the band’s hands:

As you can tell, the percussion from Tim “Herb” Alexander, is kind of different this time out. Claypool tells Rolling Stone that Alexander’s kit was basically “a pile of things to bang on.”

Primus will tour to support the record through November — check out the tour dates. And even if you don’t get to see a show, you can pick up a special Primus/Wonka-style candy bar via the band’s website. And, if you buy the album on vinyl, you might score one of the five discs pressed on golden vinyl, harkening back to the five golden tickets that gave children access to Wonka’s chocolate factory. If not, you still get a record pressed in chocolate-colored vinyl.

Primus and the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble is available on CD, vinyl and for digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Primus and the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble Track List:

  1. Hello Wonkites
  2. Candy Man
  3. Cheer Up Charlie
  4. Golden Ticket
  5. Lermaninoff
  6. Pure Imagination
  7. Oompa Augustus
  8. Semi-Wondrous Boat Ride
  9. Oompa Violet
  10. I Want It Now
  11. Oompa Veruca
  12. Wonkmobile
  13. Oompa TV
  14. Farewell Wonkites

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  1. That is not entirely correct, if my memory serves me right. They did record Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People and toured aftwerwards,