Renaud Garcia-Fons: Bajo de Guia

Renaud Garcia-Fons never ceases to amaze me. Here’s another fantastic performance of his song “Bajo de Guia,” taken from his DVD The Marcevol Concert.

Garcia-Fons has an insane amount of facility on the bass, especially in thumb position. His gypsy/flamenco style proves his rhythmic mastery, which is taken even further with his foot-tapping pattern.

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  1. David

    a very long piece for me not being able to breathe

  2. Justin

    This guy! Effortless! With grace! The Fons!

  3. Sillas

    Amazing tune by an Amazing player.

  4. seriously that is some amazing thumb position playing with spot on intonation…amazing

  5. Mike Matthews

    Very nice piece of music, and his playing is fantastic!

  6. Beautiful piece …very creative fretwork .

  7. Steve


  8. Ingenious and Insane….Perfect

  9. Al burr

    I love tech too! but if I wasn’t watching the video I would recognize other instruments, very little bass except a few riff’s sounding like something Stanley Clarke would do.

  10. Kirk

    Bummer, that was a breathtaking video and they pulled it from the internet. Wish I had downloaded it when it was there.